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To be effective, a studio needs to have professionally selected tools and equipment that support creativity and foster transformation. The Core20 STUDIO consists of various digital tools that have been tested out in raising significant capital and in supporting international communications.

Each project will most likely take advantage of the STUDIO, but in different ways. Below is an introduction to the most commonly used tools.

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    Video Debriefs

    We use Video Debriefs (VDs), which are short videos with visuals. We share deliverables, prepare meetings and suggest reviews. We use our VD-library and customize VDs to each collaboration.

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    We conduct assessments prior to and during the course of collaborations. Assessments are offered/conducted on web sites, presentations, grants and business plans and vary in length and depth. Assessments can be an effective starting point for evaluating a collaboration.

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    Consulting & coaching

    Components of consulting and coaching are featured in most of our selections. In addition, we offer stand-alone management coaching, sales coaching and project coaching.

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    Online meetings

    Whenever possible, we used online meetings and Video Debriefs as the preferred means of communication before and during a project. Communicating digitally saves clients meeting time and eliminates any impediments of working in different time zones.

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    Check lists

    Throughout collaboration processes we have learned that effective use of checklists can be very helpful in the early preparation and at important project milestones. This is a great time saver for our clients.

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    Dashboards and roadmaps

    When check lists are creatively combined they often form more complex but also very helpful overviews. We use Dashboards and roadmaps to plan projects and as tools for clients to use in their implementation of i.e. sales meetings and negotiation meetings.

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    Presentation guidelines

    We have specialized in a wide variety of presentation formats. In addition to developing various types of presentations for clients, we also use our presentations as visual guidelines, principles, best practice tips and inspirations. Presentations are a big part of our STUDIO approach.

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    Workshops & Webinars

    We do online workshops and webinars to interact with more people at a time and to facilitate discussions. Workshops can also be part of a project scope and used to brainstorm, review alternative actions and to focus on practical implementation strategies.

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