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Six Tailored Communication programs

Six strategies for success

  1. Succeed in the initial start-up years
  2. Ensure sufficient capital at pivotal times
  3. Communicate effectively with all target groups
  4. Create culture and systems for optimizing sales
  5. Win big projects that sustain and boost your revenue
  6. Keep improving your management capacity
Below we have outlined key principles behind our client programs. These visions and perspectives shape and inspire to foster ongoing improvement in the programs.


1. Effective programs should be flexible and customizable

We work with companies of all sizes across a variety of industries. Within each program it is possible to choose between MiniProject, Mini Retainer, Standard Project and Premium Program. These selections are detailed at the bottom of this page. They allow us to match many different ambition levels and allow clients to choose from collaborations lasting less than 10 working days to several years.

2. Attractive programs should have a full-service scope

To be relevant and effective it is important to have a wide range of quality products and services. Our Full-Service approach covers all types of marketing material and web development but also includes business plans, tenders, coaching and strategic implementation. Combining typical products with an extended portfolio allows for great flexibility and customization.

3. Comprehensive programs benefit from a digital approach

Clearly, in today’s climate, there is a growing need to do more and more digitally: from the contact phase, early initiation, planning, execution, follow-up and program development. We keep advancing our digital approach to minimize meeting time and to find smart ways to work digitally, while still maintaining high quality standards. Through our collaborations we want to inspire our clients to apply the digital approach beyond our collaboration.

4. Successful programs leave something behind

The more involved we get in collaborations, the more we strive to create sustainable systems. The more deliverables, products and services can be linked (aligned?), combined and reused, the more value we can create. We strive for both a highly creative approach and at the same time support the creation and development of effective systems.


Please explore our Communication Programs – with the goal to achieve “Success by Design” – eye catching, effective and customized communications 

Below we introduce the four collaboration levels, these will be explained throughout the programs


6 Communication Programs

Operative visioning is the principle that drives effective and engaging programs. Core20 offers a comprehensive Full-Service program to develop your business model. Following a highly customized and digital approach, we strive to implement best practices that yields maximal impact.   

Road Map to The Full Service Program

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    Mini Project

    Mini projects are single-purpose projects, such as web concepting, grant preparation, or the visual makeover of a presentation. The projects last 2 to 6 work days and can be completed over the course of 1 to 3 weeks.

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    Standard Project

    Standard projects are larger than mini projects, an include services such as business planning, developing webpages, or reworking a full presentation portfolio. The projects last 5 to 25 work days and can be completed over the course of 1 to 3 months, depending on the complexity.

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    Mini Retainer

    Mini Retainers are a flexible option for clients who want multiple mini projects under the same agreement. With a mini retainer, we can be available to you for a variety of projects on an as-needed basis. Mini retainers renew automatically on a quarterly basis.

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    Premium Program

    Core20’s Premium programs offer a large array of services. These are often annual or semi-annual plans where Core20 assumes responsibility for significant communications, business development, and strategic initiatives. This allows your company the time and resources to focus on its core business. Premium Programs are also used to expand internal work capacity.

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