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Successful start-ups

Strategic questions

Which questions and focuses are on your agenda?
  • What will support/hinder your growth?
  • How important is access to investor capital or grants?
  • How do you stand out from the competition?
  • How do you build substantial brand and market value?
  • How can you reach the operational excellence of larger companies?

Core elements – improving success rate for start-ups:

Below we have outlined key areas that often play an instrumental role in shaping initial success. Many founders, especially those working in tech, pay significant attention to the technical aspect of their product while other areas don’t get the same focus and resources.

 1. Use business plans beyond raising capital

Business plans, in addition to raising capital, can also be used for other purposes. Successful plans can be tools for decision making, to attract new resources, to motivate partners and be used as an ongoing strategic tool. Far too often business plans are put aside after raising the needed short-term capital. Business plans that really work often represent the perfect balance of technical and business focus.

2. Develop multiple presentations for different situations

Are you talking to other businesses, investors, partners, suppliers or consumers? All entrepreneurs have a story behind their startup – but they often underestimate the importance of that story. Entrepreneurs should learn to tell their story in an exciting way. Your messaging needs to be customized to specific target groups. Presentations are both written and verbal, and the willingness to adjust is key.

3. Take advantage of ongoing coaching

Despite the uniqueness and of an idea or technology product, there is often room for more specific business knowledge in the areas of finance, operations and marketing. Prioritize operational support in using and refining business plans, market plans and practical communication tasks. Getting coaching assistance can allow you to focus on developing your business core.  Effective coaching also enhance quality.

4. Take advantage of online communications

An entrepreneur has to be able to describe the work they’re doing in effective ways. Web and social media are channels that can make a significant impact. Online communication is more than a brochure on the internet. How do you highlight your company’s progress? How do you showcase business, technology, market know-how? Explore online communication in sales and as meeting tools.

5. Build value through branding

Branding is absolutely beyond a logo; it’s how you position your company for your audience. Branding encompasses your vision, messaging, communication channels, communication tools and your visual identity. A market and branding plan that is strategic and yet practical can support growth milestones. How much of what you say will be familiar and how much will you have to explain? Is it a specialist audience? Branding covers multiple angles to help your company to stand out.

6. Think like big corporations; value systems and plans

How scalable is your business? Scalability goes beyond product and technology. Communications, branding, internal processes and external processes need to work together; if one is not up to par other areas can suffer. Plans should be tools to support decision-making processes, build culture, ensure knowledge-transfer and capture value. Sales, market, finance, communications and business plans are part of a whole.


6 Communication Programs

Creating a vision is exciting, but ensuring that that vision lives, grows and comes to fruition requires patience, skill, and humility. Growing a new business requires nurturing creativity, knowledge and experience.

Many start-ups fail not because of a lack of strengths; they fail because of an inability to properly prioritize, balance multiple targets and address insufficiencies.  

Road Map to The Full Service Program

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    Mini Project

    Mini Projects can be used towards an Executive Summary of a business plan or Visual Makeover of a presentation. They can also be used to assess business plans and online communications. Mini Projects allow even start-ups to take advantage of Core20 expertise.

  • null

    Standard Project

    Standard Projects delves deeper into a single project: a big business plan or significant web page project. It can also be used in developing a strong sales process and corresponding material.

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    Mini Retainer

    Mini Retainer can be used to prepare for sales, work on raising capital or to develop online communications. Mini Retainer last a minimum of 3 months and can, over multiple quarters, also be used for coaching; management coaching, sales coaching or communications.

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    Premium Program

    Premium Program allows companies to focus more on their core competencies and to outsource more of the communications, market and branding to Core20. This approach can often be more cost-saving than hiring a senior market or communications executive. It is more flexible and the range of services covered are unparalleled to a single executive.

Core20 assists founders, investors and managers in supporting the startup to focus on their core; succeeding with tproducts-, services- and technology development. We offer support with business services that can be time and resource consuming or be neglected.

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