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Improving sales

Strategic questions

Which questions and focuses are on your agenda?
  • How effective is your current sales material?
  • What are the biggest time wasters for your sales people?
  • What is the potential for shortening your sales cycles?
  • How can you create processes that elevate sales to a new level?
  • How should you follow up, empower and professionalize the sales staff?

Core elements – improving sales:

Below we have outlined key areas that often play an instrumental role in optimizing sales.

1. Assess and improve your sales strategy and plan

When was your sales strategy and plan last reviewed? By routinely refining and assessing your sales plan, you can promote your own unique selling points (USP) and improve sales. Effective sales strategies should cover how to capture information and insights from meetings.  Sales strategies should also focus on presales: identifying leads and submitting bids. Set goals, create processes; evaluate routines and documentation. Never stop testing – continually assess and evaluate the effectiveness of everything you use or do to promote your business.

2. Give your sales presentation material a makeover

How effective is your current promotional material? Which story lines resonate? How can various sales tools support sales staff? How can you best tailor your material to different target groups? Promotional materials can be visually stunning and you can optimize sales by designing material that meets the requirements of various sales related questions.

3. Don’t underestimate web and digital communications

Web pages can bolster critical stages of the sales process. Many websites benefit from revisions and improvements to make them more compelling and effective as sales tools. How can web pages be used prior to, during and after a meeting? Also, how can you digitize repeated pitches and messages to ensure consistency and save time?

4. Test Video Debriefs in sales

Video Debriefs allow sales staff to record how they make sales pitches and presentations. Video Debriefs can also be extensively used during the sales cycle and dialogue. Create Video Debriefs to control your message even when sales staff does not meet the client in person. Video Debriefs can also be effective in training new sales staff and follow-up in after-sales processes.

5. Prioritize active sales mentoring

Sales mentoring involves the preparations and follow-up of sales-related client meetings. The mentoring can be done by internal staff or by an external sales coach. Weekly sales mentoring focuses on adjusting and customizing sales material to the individual client. Effective mentoring should also include negotiations, meeting tactics, delivery of key messages and profiling sales targets. Sales strategy and material are important, but so is the sales process itself.

6. Advance through sales meetings and workshops

Meetings and workshops with sales staff bring all these best practices together. We can review strategy, material, pitch, negotiations and ongoing results. Various types of internal meetings give the opportunity to adjust and customize processes and material. Critical factors, both positive and challenging perspectives, should be given visibility, time and resources to be explored and improved on.


6 Communication Programs

Excellence in sales is the result of detail-oriented strategizing, the refinement and perfection of messaging, and the honing of sales techniques and processes.

Sales are the culmination of your efforts to identify, attract and successfully deliver to your clients.

Road Map to The Full Service Program

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    Mini Project

    Mini Projects can focus on a Visual Makeover of sales material. Time limited Mini Projects can also be used for assessments or improving current sales strategy. It is focused on one task and often complete within a month.

  • null

    Standard Project

    Standard Projects require more time, typically up to 30 working days. We can dedicate more time and resources to a single focus; a popular first choice is improving the web page for optimizing sales. Looking at the totality of all sales material can be another focus.

  • null

    Mini Retainer

    Mini Retainers are a combination of multiple tasks. Lasting a minimum of 1 quarter, we can work on client communications, selling to customer needs, clarifying needs and highlighting the unique features of your product(s). Mini Projects can include improving sales material, sales processes and conducting sales workshops. The first quarter often focuses on revamping sales material/planning, whereas practical implementation and customization is the focus in subsequent quarters.

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    Premium Program

    Premium Program is the ideal collaboration platform for building/developing a long-term sales optimization. The Premium Program can include all the offerings of the collaboration forms but often with more structure and overall long-term plan. It can also include how to add complementary services to existing products, developing cooperative sales agreements, bundling products and price anchoring – creative sense of value. Finally, it comes down to improving customer satisfaction.

Core20 assists managers, sales executives and sellers in planning and executing sales. We help to design sales material and develop its uses. Goals, processes, structures, training and reviews are focal points for working on the entire sales value chain.

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