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Strategic questions

Which questions and focuses are on your agenda?
  • Are your company’s mission and vision well-known throughout the company?
  • How can communications strengthen collaboration internally?
  • How can communications play a role in promoting company culture and values?
  • Who are your key target groups and how can you best communicate with them?
  • How much can you streamline processes with improved communications?

Core elements – improving communications:

Below we have outlined key areas that often play an instrumental role in shaping corporate communications. The seamless communication of the company’s vision, goals and culture plays a major role in the success of the company.

1. Assess your current communications

Does your company annually review your key messages, target groups, communication channels and materials? This is a great starting point. What do you have? How does it work? Which areas have the greatest potential for improvement? And how are communications aligned to support goals and milestones? An assessment can take many forms.

2. Create/revise your communications plan/strategy

The natural result of in-house assessments is a communication strategy and practical plan. How can the communication strategy optimize your resources and potential for effective delivery? The communications plan is multi-dimensional: identify your objectives; choose your target audiences; design your key messages; select your communication methods; set milestones and routines. Review budgets, quality procedures and monitoring of results.

3. Strengthen your key messaging

You can strengthen your message after the assessment phase or as a stand-alone initiative. There are various ways to crystalize your messaging; reviewing existing material; workshops; working with DNA models or creating manuscripts. A clear, consistent structure of key targets and messages strengthens the delivery and execution of your messaging. In addition to print and digital, verbal communications are also important: dialogue with clients, partners, suppliers and colleagues.

4. Optimize visual identity and branding

Do you have a distinct visual identity that is consistent throughout your material? By visual identity we think of visible elements of such as color, form, and shape, which convey the symbolic meanings that cannot be imparted through words alone. Building upon this branding is vital; remember that brand is a set of expectations, narratives and relationships that account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.

5. Give digital communications and web priority

An important dimension of a company’s public profile is company web sites. While start-ups need to create their first web page, other ventures can benefit from an annual or periodic review of an existing web page. Test your web site against important uses and features: to what extent does it support sales? Does it have an impact on internal communications? Does it reflect the progress of your company? Finally, is the web page likely going to be an important tool to support future growth?

6. Refine multiple presentations 

What type of presentations does your organization use now or will be using in the future? How effective are your corporate, product, technology, sales and process-focused presentations? How do they align and are you reaping maximum benefit from them? With presentations, the questions are not only how well messages and design are set up, but also how they are used in practice. Practical and verbal delivery also matters.

7. Do not forget the print material

What type of print material does your company have? How do they work together? How are they aligned with presentation material, web and digital communications? Where do you see the greatest room for improvement with messaging, visual identity and practical use?

8. Implement good communication habits

Beyond material that is updated and upgraded on occasion, communications is an ongoing task, including the creation and sharing of news, tenders, sales material, customized presentations for internal decisions and supporting target groups with ongoing updates. Communications is a process and establishing and implementing routines are ongoing chores.


6 Communication Programs

Your initial messaging grabs attention, but client loyalty is built upon the continuation of a strong and unique communications system.

Communication requires the skill to identify your niche target groups and the ability to communicate effectively with each one at their terms, both internally and externally. 

Road Map to The Full Service Program

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    Mini Project

    Mini Projects can improve a variety of communications tasks and products: visual makeovers, assessments, customized sales and other presentations, concepts for website improvements.

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    Standard Project

    If your web page is undergoing a complete transformation, it calls for a Regular Project Standard Project. A bolder presentation can also be a standalone project along with the creation of a communication manual. More substantial assessments are also conducted as a Standard Project.

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    Mini Retainer

    The areas above are well suited for Mini Retainers. In one quarter, it is possible to rework presentations, a web page and to conduct an assessment to lay the proper foundation for the project. In the second quarter, we can assist in adjustments and customization of communication to support important milestones and the practical use. Mini retainers can be used to turn effective communications into a habit.

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    Premium Program

    Over several quarters or years Core20 can play a key role in building communications capacity across a variety of platforms. Premium Programs typically involve many of the activities and strategic questions covered in this section. The Premium Program allows tailoring of your communication to the needs of different employee groups and for different stages of the change implementation process. Key elements in the Premium Program include: continuous review of strategic improvement, evaluation of feedback from both leaders and employees, and the implementation of strategies to overcome disruptions to work and productivity.

Core20 assist communications departments, marketing executives and management with a full range of strategic and practical communication tasks. Our Full-Service program allows for various degrees of involvement and ambition levels.

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