Inspired Corporate Communications

Attracting investors, industry partners, new employees and growing your company – it all comes down to effective communications. Core20 – a full service communications provider.

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From Consumer Goods to B2B Communications

Whether it is sports, fashion, technology or retail, Core20 has got you covered. We work with a wide range of industries and specialize in business-to-business communications to attract investors, partners and new employees.

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Global Experience - Global Reach

We apply our international communications experience so that you stand out locally and grow globally.

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Get Inspired

Artistic inspiration is the hallmark of Core20 communications.
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Promotions: Getting Started with Us

Our promotions give you a quick taste of how Core20 can bring immediate value to your communications materials.
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Corporate Presentations

Presentations play an important role in raising capital, connecting with partners, optimizing sales and recruiting new employees. Try presentations that inform, inspire and motivate to action. See client work.

Creative Webpages

Website and social media evolve rapidly. Core20 stays current with the latest designs, functionality and web applications. We aim to surprise and entice with innovative practices and designs. See client web pages.


Core20 specializes in transforming communications materials. Our dramatic makeover process can re-imagine your materials to have the maximum impact on your stakeholders. See Makeovers.

Success by Design

Apply our international business and design experience:


– Create more compelling value propositions

– Strengthen corporate branding and identity

– Dramatize and digitize your core messages

– Save time and money through our proven work process

– Ensure the delivery of powerful investor, sales and partner presentations

Energize your brand with striking presentations

Core20 has carefully developed an archive of close to 20,000 visuals and created a world class Visual Tool Box.

We believe that success comes from applying deep business expertise with excellence in design; Success by Design.


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