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Digitization is a global force most companies will face. Surprisingly, it does not start with technology itself but with a strategy. New digital practices require new thinking and smart solutions.

We have posed these questions and found the answers:

1. Is it possible to deliver top quality communications much more effectively?
2. Is it possible to digitize and simplify the way we collaborate?
3. Is it possible to digitize and replace the need for in-person meetings?
4. Is it possible to earn both quick and long-term results?
  • Core20 takes a 21st Century approach to communications by digitizing meetings, processes and the transfer of knowledge.
  • Core20 offers a Full Service Program applying strategies targeted at marketing, communications, branding and innovative design.
  • Core20 specializes in bids and tenders, business plans, web, business-critical presentations and advanced concept development.
Access Program Tracks
Core20 integrate skills and services typically delivered through three entirely different professions: PR agencies, strategy consultancies and finance advisors. Better integration allows for flexible, robust and digital approaches to business development.
Access Products & Services
  • Web development:

    We do web development differently: web pages as meeting tools, sales tools and as multidisciplinary communication channels. Ranging from simple to advanced project interventions, we assist in selecting content, revising messaging and designing layout for different design options. A popular choice is also to align web sites with other material, reformatting content to fit print, presentation and other communication material.

  • Presentation:

    Having done thousands of presentations for clients, we work with all type of industries. We cover all types of essential presentations for businesses: company presentations, key note speeches/addresses, sales presentations, technology presentations and internal presentations. While simple involvement includes visual improvements, more in depth projects focus on structure, messaging, content creation and a wide range of customizations.

  • Video Debriefs:

    One of Core20’s innovative uses of technology is our Video Debriefs. We use video recordings to communicate during our collaborations. These recordings can be easily shared and viewed at any time. This reduces the need for scheduling meetings and managing different time zones. With everyone on the same page, our work together can be more efficient and productive.

  • Coaching:

    In addition to working on business and communications tools we also serve in the capacity of coaches. Coaching is an integrated part of facilitating strategic plans and tools. Coaching is also a vital part in taking full advantage of communications material. Consider using our Mini Retainers for sales coaching, management coaching and customized project coaching.

  • Business plans & IM:

    The combination of strategic skills with finance and communications expertise supports a very flexible and effective approach to developing business plans. We look at business plans from multiple angles and create unique looking plans. Business plans are also customized to serve as decision tools, to attract employees and as an ongoing management tool. Investment memorandums are also as specialty.

  • Prints:

    Brochures, fact sheets, presentations, handouts, posters, roll-ups are some of the wide selection of print material we customize. Prints are normally also available digitally. They are used for clients, partners, employees and other target groups – both internal and external uses. Aligning materials to fit different uses and function together is often a priority for our clients.

  • Visual makovers:

    Our most popular makeover product is the “Visual Makeover”. We reimagine your presentation, web or print material and elevate your messaging to a new level. Visual Makeovers involve analysis of what works and where your material may lack clarity, visual identity or can benefit from a stronger structure. We leverage our 20 000-world-class picture archive to support the visual transformations.

  • Customization:

    Applying interdisciplinary skills within strategy, finance and communications our products and services are a customization to specific client preferences. The full-service program allows for many flexible combinations of existing products and services. Through our collaboration program, consisting of Mini Projects, Mini Retainers, Regular Projects and Premium Program, most ambition levels are met.

Video Debriefs – Our “secret ingredient” for effective and digital collaborations

Introductory Video Debriefs
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